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A little bio about me:

I'm originally from Taiwan. I came to the US when I was 16. After graduating from high school, I stayed a year in France before moving to NYC to attend Parsons. Looking back, I think the year in France was when I truly found myself. Although the language didn't last with me after I left, the culture affected me deeply. After I graduated from Parsons, I tried working for different fashion houses and retail businesses - I was on a quest to find out where I fit in. Eventually, I fell in love with an antique / vintage repair job in Brooklyn (Sharktooth). Growing up, I loved everything about handcrafts and I enjoyed making things with my hands. I also knew I loved old linens and laces as I’ve always collected and admired them as a hobby. However, having to clean and repair them extensively as part of my job further made me realize that what I was doing was a combination of the things I care and love the most - and is something that I truly want to pursue in the long run.

I started "something in the air" in 2020 along with my partner's help on the financing and marketing side of the business. Together we focus on making one-of-a-kind wearables and objects using our personally collected vintage / antique linens and laces. I decided to minimize my cuts into the textiles as my own way of honoring the handcrafts from the past, so most of my constructions are made with the intention of keeping as much of the textile’s original form as possible. We sourced our materials mainly in Europe at the moment, including France, Spain and Switzerland. Everything is carefully handmade in-house in our studio in Brooklyn - from cleaning, repairing, constructing, to dyeing, making ceramic buttons, and linen tassels, etc. I hope to let people see the beauty in these textiles from the past, and combine it with the value and knowledge that I’ve learned growing up and through my previous experiences. I also hope to give these precious linens and laces a second life and allow them to continue to shine beautifully in the modern world. Hopefully people will be able to feel the warmth and thoughtfulness by wearing and touching the products.