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s.i.t.a (something in the air), formerly known as shichuchi since 2017, was established in 2020. We specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind wearables and art pieces using personally collected vintage and antique linens and laces, primarily sourced from Europe, including France, Spain, Switzerland, and the US.

At s.i.t.a, we merge our passion for repairing textiles made by past makers with the art of garment making. We find immense joy from studying the makers’ meticulous techniques, piecing together their thought process, and repairing along their stitches — it feels as though we are collaborating with their skillful but unknown hands from the past.

From the outset, we made a deliberate choice to always construct our wearable pieces with the aim of showcasing the original form of the textiles as much as possible to honor the skilled hands that came before us. Our entire process, from cleaning and repairing to constructing, natural dyeing, crafting ceramic buttons and making tassels, is thoughtfully carried out in-house and entirely done by hand. Inspired by nature's beauty and intricacy, we infuse every s.i.t.a creation with a sense of wonder and mindfulness. It is our hope that through the slowness and intentionality of each stitch, we can showcase the beauty of these textiles and encourage people to experience the warmth of handmade garments and the stories behind them.